Whether it's through on-site and off-site workshops, or our award nominated DVDs, we've strived to give you a competitive edge.

THE INSTRUCTORS We feature the industry's only fulltime teaching staff, lead by Paul Cascio, the industry's leading business writer and authority, and his wife Vicki Cascio who receives consistent praise from her students. Together, they form the industry's best known instructional team.

Paul's informative articles have been featured in virtually every major

Picture Framing Magazine: "You won't want to miss out on the opportunity to learn professional picture framing first-hand, from Paul Cascio, "The Guerrilla Framer," one of the picture framing industry's most widely read business authorities and top educator."

framing publication. He is, in the view of many, the industry's most influential writer and instructor. His extensive knowledge and entertaining style have made him a favorite across North America and around the world. It's no wonder that many APFA classes are sold out well in advance.

THE ACADEMY Since it was founded in 1998, the APFA has trained thousands of framers through a curriculum designed for adult learners and entrepreneurs. Each year, more professional framers choose the APFA to get their start than all other framing schools combined.

IN THE CLASSROOM - The APFA's teaching style has been praised for its hands-on approach, pace and thoroughness. Our classes feature a friendly, relaxed atmosphere that promotes helpful interaction among students and teachers. You get maximum learning a in minimal amount of time, yet with personal attention so that no student is ever left behind.

We DO NOT teach business basics, such as bookkeeping. That information is readily available from books, through the SBA and your local community college. Instead, we give you info that is unique to framing businesses.

Our small group classes (typically 5-10 students ) are held at several locations across the U.S.. Most locations are visited every 2-4 years.

A REAL FRAMESHOP For the convenience of students who travel from all parts to attend, our classes are held at hotels. More than 3500 pounds of state of the art equipment and supplies are brought in for each class. Our classroom mirrors the workshop of typical modern framing businesses, but with a lot more equipment so you won't have to waste time standing in line. You'll learn professional level techniques using top-of-the-line professional equipment. There's no better place to learn professional picture framing than the APFA.

CAN'T COME TO US? We also offer private and group training options. Call us for more information at 860.940.9262.

CONSULTING - The academy's consulting services provide affordable guidance and support for those seeking to purchase an existing business, or who need specialized marketing, training and support..

We'll help you evaluate a business for purchase, analyze potential and help identify hidden problems to assist you in your decision making process.

Our knowledge and experience with business re-sales can help you get the best deal and assist you in your decision making process. Call 860.940.9262 for more information and ask about a complimentary consultation.

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