Five Great Reasons to Own A Picture Framing Business

picture frames Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business? If so, picture framing may be an ideal way to turn your dreams into reality, just like I did.

More than two decades ago, with just a small investment and no experience, I started a part-time framing business from the basement of my home. A year later when the company I worked  for closed its doors, framing became a fulltime venture and the only source of income for my family.

Since that time, I've opened three retail stores and gone on to become known as "The Guerrilla Framer," and recognized as one of the industry's most widely-read business and framing experts.

In 1998, I started The American Picture Framing Academy so I could help others learn how to frame, and learn the secrets to starting and operating a successful business while avoiding the all too common mistakes that can lead to failure. In less than a decade, the APFA had grown to become the industry's largest and most recommended professional school.

With the economy and real estate market on the upswing once again, combined with a new emphasis on the home, today might be a great time for you to get started in your own picture framing business. Here's a few of the many reasons why you might want to start a picture framing business.


1. The Profit Picture

If you've ever purchased custom framing, you probably figured out already that it's a business that offers high profit margins (as high as 500%-600%; and even more on many items and services). And with the resurgence of the housing market, framing and art are poised for a potential windfall.

Framing also offers prestige, fun and variety in a business where your creativity and professional opinions are valuable assets to the many appreciative customers whose lives you enrich.

While starting any business carries risk, we can help you reduce that risk, speed your path to success, and avoid common and costly mistakes.


2. Reasonable Hours and Low Stress

picture frames Tired of the long hours and high stress? You'll find that a custom picture framing business is at the opposite end of the stress spectrum - after all, there are very few emergency picture frames.

Most retail frame shops have reasonable hours and many operate on a five-day work week. And if you work from home, as many framers do, you'll have almost complete control of your schedule. That makes framing a great retirement business, and also an attractive business for couples.


3, Low Startup Costs

picture frames Unlike many businesses, in picture framing, you can start small, then add on as your business grows. That's because you'll need only few pieces of major equipment. We'll help you with your purchasing decision and provide special discounts programs for APFA grads.


4. Flexible Operating Options

How many business can you think of that offer this much flexibility?

With picture framing you can choose between working from home; opening a retail store or art gallery; offering wholesale framing services to artists and designers, manufacturing pre-framed art,  online sales, or even putting your business on wheels and bringing your frame shop to your customers.

Framing also makes a great add-on to other business, such as photo processing, flower and gift shops, signmaking, inderior design, furniture stores and many other retail and service businesses. It can also attract new, upscale customers to your present business.

picture framing With custom picture framing, you can choose to start a new business, or buy an existing business or franchise. Our 3 DayProfessional Bootcamp will help you evaluate your options and show you how to get the most for your money, from negotiating price and terms, to uncovering hidden pitfalls and avoiding unscrupulous sellers. Regardless which road you choose to take, we'll make sure you're better prepared to succeed.. Picture success today by enrolling in an APFA Bootcamp. Got questions? Call me directly at 860-940-9262.  I look forward to speaking with you and answering your questions.


5. You Can Get Started Fast

picture frames Our Professional Framing Bootcamp is designed to meet the needs of the entrepreneur. It can give you the skills and confidence you need, and the inside secrets to give your business a competitive edge.

Over the past decade, the APFA has helped more successful framing business get started on the road to success than any other school. Picture success, enroll today in an American Picture Framing Academy Workshop. Because in framing, the most important tool is knowledge.

Start with our DVDs, or simply enroll in our 1-1/2 Day Basic Class or 3 Day Boot Camp. You'll be glad you did.






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